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Ever heard a saying that goes, “The Prevention is better than Cure” Amazingly put up by a wise man and we strongly believe in it. Every human should take care of themselves on a daily basis & what better way to do it than riding a cycle every weekend, right?

We,Being veterans in Healthcare & Fitness industry from past two decades , we have seen that the roots to most of the diseases are an unhealthy lifestyle. Its heartbreaking to see so many young souls get caught up with lifestyle diseases and the only reason behind it is lack of fitness & bad food habits.

Considering this we decided to launch this brand "Favron" with wide range of Bicycles.

Quality is what we desire to deliver thus we have reached out to the best in the markets.

Our team of Experts have 20+ years of experience which makes them highly qualified to provide good quality and an amazing purchase experience for you.

Our team will help you out with opting for the best cycle that you are looking for.

Confused about the type and quality? Don’t worry, our team will guide you through. You do not have to even think twice over the maintenance of your cycle as we manufacture it by using top quality parts that would avoid the wear and tear of the cycle. What are you waiting for, book your cycles now and live a super healthy life.



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There’s nothing more enjoyable than creating the best. The fastest road and mountain bikes, the wildest bikes for dirt and gravel—designed and crafted at FAVRON.